Working Group Recommendations
These documents specify best-practices and standards for Internet2 network operators, applications developers, and users. Prior to publications here, these documents have been subjected to working group review and have passed a consensus-based approval process.

February, 2002 QBSS Deployment Recommendation Shalunov, S. (editor)
March, 2001 QBone Scavenger Service (QBSS) Definition Shalunov, S., Teitelbaum, B.

Working Group Drafts
These documents have been submitted by working group members for publication here. They are informational or positional and have not undergone thorough review by the working group at large or a call for consensus.

July, 2002 QBone Signaling Team Final Report Chimento, P. et al.
May, 2002 Why Premium IP Service Has Not Deployed (and Probably Never Will) Ben Teitelbaum and Stanislav Shalunov
October, 2001 Future Priorities for Internet2 QoS Teitelbaum, B.
August, 1999 Enterprise QoS Survival Guide: 1999 Edition Gray, T.
August, 1999 Draft QBone Architecture (v1.0) Teitelbaum, B. (editor)
May, 1999 Differential Services for the Internet and ATM Geib, R.
May, 1998 A Quality of Service API Proposal Riddle, B., Adamson, A.
May 1998 Report from the First Internet2 Joint Applications/Engineering QoS Workshop Brandt, S., Gray, T., Grisham, J., Grossman, R., Hanss, T., Jacobson, V., Klingenstein, K., Lanier, J., Nichols, K., Nutt, G., Sikora, J., Teitelbaum, B. (editor), Van Houweling, D., Wroclawski, J., Zhang, L.